Just Hangin’

For a long time now I’ve been trying to figure out a way to display my necklaces so I can actually remember to wear them! I jumped on the ‘Statement Necklace’ bandwagon as soon as I got my first one, and I’ve collected quite a few pieces since. Going into this project there were a couple of things I had in mind; I wanted the necklaces to be easily accessible, the project to be affordable, and the display to look nice enough to hang up on my wall. With all that in mind, I got started on my newest project!


I started off by using a stick for the base of the jewelry hanger. I used a decorative stick from IKEA, also known as HÖGFÄRDIG, which come in an assorted collection of colors. If you don’t have an ikea near you, or if you want to make this project even more affordable, you can also use a tree branch from your backyard. You can leave the tree branch as is to have a more natural look or you can paint it any color you prefer.


Next, measure the stick to find the center. Use painters tape to tape the center of stick, which will provide a crisp line once the tape is removed. Only paint one side of the tape to give a color blocking affect. I used gold gild because I liked the color payoff, but if you are not able to get gild, acrylic paint will work as well. Feel free to substitute or customize your project according to personal preference.

Tape Off Gold Gild

It’s time to screw in the hooks! The stick I used was hollow making it easier to screw the hooks in manually. If you use a stick or branch that is thick, you can use a screwdriver to help make a hole so it is easier to screw in the hooks. I screwed the first hook in the center and all other hooks two inches apart on each side.

Once all the screws are in, prepare to hang up the stick! Use a couple of nails and a hammer to secure the branch to the wall. I nailed each end and the center of the stick so the weight of the necklaces doesn’t bring the whole thing down. In case you live in an apartment or dorm and are not allowed to nail anything to your wall, you can tie some string on each end of the stick and hang it on your wall with a couple of thumbtacks.


Once the display is pinned to the wall hang your necklaces and you’re done!



Stick/Branch – Brass Hooks – Gold Gild – Nails – Hammer – Painters Tape – Paint Brush – Necklaces – Ruler

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