Forever Roses

Here is a trick I like to use to keep my roses after valentine’s day has passed. This trick can be used for flowers from graduation, birthdays, or even weddings!



Depending on how you decide to display your flowers you will need:

Shadow box or Mason Jar

Roses or flower of your choice


When your flowers begin to die or wilt, completely remove them from water.

Directions for Shadow Box:

If you plan to display your roses in a shadow box, set the flowers aside until they have completely dried. After a couple of days, you will notice the petals get crispy.

Once you think they have reached the perfect crispiness, you can separate the petals and carefully place them in the shadow box. I bought my box from Ikea for about $2-$3, but you can also find shadow boxes at your local craft store. It’s up to you how full you want the box to look.

Directions for Mason Jar:

If you want to keep the bouquet as is, hang the flowers upside down so they dry without completely wilting.

Once the flowers are crisp they are ready to be placed in a vase or a dependable mason jar.

Happy Valentines Day ❤

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