In Honor of Earth Day


 I have been wanting to make one of these for a really long time and this week I finally did it! Spring is here and I am loving it! The weather is warmer, everything is nice and green, and there’s just this positive energy floating around. I wanted to take all these spring vibes and bring them inside onto my desk at work since I sit nowhere near a window 😦 These cute terrariums are a really easy, quick (I mean like 5 minutes quick) and affordable way to bring some spring inside.




Succulents and cacti are the easiest to take care of because they are so low maintenance and don’t require too much sun light. Since I wanted to place mine at my desk these were perfect. I got mine from my local Home Depot, where the succulents start at about $3.00.


I say planter because you can literally put your plants in anything, as long as it is big enough for the roots to grow. I got a few glass vases from Dollar Tree, but some other options are mason jars or decretive bowls.


Not much to say about soil, but I used “Miracle Grow Cactus Soil”. You can get a pretty big bag for about $5.00.


For this project you will need big and small stones, which you can also find at the Dollar store.


 Add a couple of large stones.

Add a layer of small stones

Add soil half way, put in your succulent and pack the soil in around the plant. You can add the leftover stones on top just for aesthetics.

I wasn’t joking when I said this project was quick and easy.

Remember these plants are very low maintenance so you don’t have to water them daily!

Happy Earth Day 

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle  


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